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CyberQP (formerly Quickpass Cybersecurity) Enhances MSP Cybersecurity Programs with New Just-in-Time Privileged Account Feature

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[DATE: JUNE 15, 2023] – CyberQP, a leading provider of Privileged Access Management and Helpdesk Security Automation for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), has announced the release of Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged account creation for Active Directory. This new capability enables MSPs with more robust control over access to their privileged accounts. CyberQP has since released an in depth blog and webinar dedicated to the process of creating these accounts and passwords on-demand when technicians need them.

With this new feature, CyberQP partners can temporarily enable and revoke privileged access as needed, offering an ideal solution for MSPs to limit exposure of their privileged accounts, prevent insider threats, and position themselves for co-managed IT agreements.

As small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) observe cyber criminals adopting identity-based tactics to target an organization’s administrative and privileged accounts, MSPs and SMBs need a scalable, dynamic solution that mitigates their risk and guarantees clear visibility into activity related to privileged accounts. 

CyberQP’s JIT account creation feature empowers MSPs to create temporary privileged accounts for individual users, which automatically rotate credentials and disable themselves upon expiration. Moreover, JIT accounts are organized to create an easy-to-track audit log that attributes activity to individual people, enhancing accountability and compliance. 

“The MSP business model is insecure by default from a standing privilege perspective,” said Jimmy Hatzell, VP of Revenue at CyberQP, “So now there is a move to ‘zero standing privilege” using Just-In-Time Accounts. Basically instead of having all these accounts active, they are only created and activated when in use, with least privilege.”

CyberQP’s latest innovation follows an announcement that the company successfully raised an additional $12 million in funding.