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CyberQP Introduces Passwordless MFA for Technicians, API for Deployment, and Details for Future Vendor Ecosystem Collaborations

Las Vegas, NV – APRIL 23, 2024 – CyberQP, a leading provider of Privileged Access Management solutions, announced QGuard Pro, a solution with enhanced capabilities designed to exponentially increase technician efficiency, and a new API for Deployment are now Generally Available. QGuard Pro comes with Passwordless MFA for Technicians, which augments the provider’s Just-in-Time Account Creation capabilities.

Passwordless MFA for Technicians offers unparalleled speed for technician logins, all without compromising on the CyberQP platform’s security-first mentality. 

This groundbreaking release follows the launch of QVerify, a standalone End User Identity Verification solution designed to offer a key layer of protection for help desk technicians. CyberQP Partners have already verified 200,000 end user identities.

Increase Efficiency Without Compromising Security 

In a landscape where businesses are increasingly reliant on digital services to operate or transact, attackers have graduated from merely targeting specific endpoints or cloud workloads, to targeting the unseen privileged accounts that keep an organization online.  

“As a former MSP founder, I’ve witnessed the fallout caused by persistent admin accounts and compromised credentials,” said Jim Jessup, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of CyberQP. “QGuard Pro and our new Passwordless MFA for Technicians is designed to work in tandem with our Just-in-Time accounts to eliminate those attack surfaces and ensure that our partners can eliminate standing privilege with ease, and get time back in their day to focus on the initiatives that matter to them.” 

How It Works

CyberQP’s Passwordless MFA for Technicians streamlines system logins security for individual privileged accounts, Just-in-Time accounts, and a mobile app for technicians to use robust Just-in-Time administrative controls, and answer MFA prompts, saving time and ensuring compliance with best practices. 

Early adopters of the Passwordless MFA for Techs feature report that they save 30-45 seconds per login. With QGuard Pro, MSPs can:

  • Address Security Concerns: Deter credential stuffing attacks, privilege abuse, and the risk created by shared admin credentials with named Just-in-Time accounts, and a dedicated technician app to offer an efficient and secure MFA login solution for your team.
  • Say Goodbye to Inefficient Logins: CyberQP’s Passwordless MFA helps technicians get privileged access with the same workflow across Active Directory, Microsoft 365, local accounts, and beyond.
  • Align with Compliance Requirements Effortlessly: Make it easier to stay in compliance and adhere to cyber insurance requirements to implement MFA and Just-in-Time access for domain administrator accounts. 

Where CyberQP Exists in the MSP Landscape

Research from Gartner demonstrates the universal need for Privileged Access Management solutions to align with best practices defined by cyber insurance providers and regulators. This includes a projected 8.3% annual growth rate through 2027 to be worth $2.8 billion.

Alongside this announcement, CyberQP also has its eyes on the role it plays in the vendor ecosystem. CyberQP’s API for Deployment is the first step towards continuing strategic relationships with its fellow solution providers and with partners looking to integrate their Privileged Access Management platform with other tools in their technology stack.

CyberQP also released new details on their upcoming Fantastic Forum in Puerto Rico, a live event which brings MSPs together for a week of networking and technical training on key security best practices, including the CIS Security Controls and the CMMC framework. 

“The Fantastic Forum demonstrates how MSPs really need a way to connect with their peers and learn about best practices without having to sit through a constant stream of sales pitches,” said Nadia Karatsoreos, VP of Marketing and Channel of CyberQP, “And as we look ahead at the regulatory and economic concerns we’re facing today, it’s a great opportunity for us internally to put our heads together with our fellow vendors and talk about how we can work together on solutions that will bring real value to our partners.” 

“We love working with CyberQP,” says George Smith, Head of Community and Strategic Partnerships of Augmentt.  Their team are fantastic to work with, well organized, and flexible and the events themselves are always well executed and enjoyable. We’re looking forward to doing more in future.”

About CyberQP

CyberQP is the leading provider of Privileged Access Management and Help Desk Security Automation for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Its mission is to protect the privileged accounts, credentials, and data that matters to MSPs, enabling them to secure their business, reduce operational costs, and offer greater value to end users. To learn more, please visit www.cyberqp.com or book a demo here.