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Help Desk Security Automation for MSPs

Zero Trust Help Desk

Protect your users and business from internal and external threats by verifying the identities of people who call into your help desk. Verify end user identities in less than 30 seconds, from anywhere.

Key Features

Secure Your Help Desk

Guard against ransomware attacks and impersonators. Quickly, easily, and securely verify identities when users call in to the help desk.

Works with Tools MSPs Use

We integrate with the tools MSPs already use, so our products and features seamlessly blend with the work you’re already doing.

Log Change Control

Automatically log permissions and changes in CyberQP or your PSA, so you have full transparency into all account activity.

Quick, Easy Verification

It’s simple to verify identities in real-time using the mobile app, SMS, email, or a mobile device. Users receive instant identity confirmations.

End User Verification

Zero trust is essential to true security. Anytime a user contacts the help desk or attempts to reset their password, they must verify their identity.

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