Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Augment Technician Productivity with Premium Privileged Access Management

MSP service managers face manual processes and workflows, such as manually logging all privileged access, and entering or injecting credentials from different sources, such as documentation tools.

Building on the automated credential rotations, account discovery, and documentation capabilities in QGuard, QGuard Pro makes it easy for IT teams to provision and remove temporary privileged access, and speed up ticket resolutions with additional controls for Just-in-Time accounts and Passwordless Technician Access across directory types.

Key Features

Just-in-Time Account Creation

  • Create temporary privileged accounts, unique to a technician, on demand.
  • Eliminate shared admin accounts to achieve and maintain Zero Standing Privilege.
  • Implement security designed to help your team meet compliance and cyber insurance requirements.

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Passwordless MFA for Technicians

  • Accelerate and secure privileged technician logins and Just-in-Time provisioning
  • Simplify compliance management with automated audit logs, robust admin controls, and more.
  • Aligns that technicians are authenticating with something they have (a dedicated mobile app), something they know (SSO/dashboard logins), and something they are (backed by biometrics).

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Technician Mobile App

Packaged with QGuard Pro, the QTech mobile app empowers technicians to:

  • Ensure secure access without the hassle of remembering complex passwords or injecting them from another source.
  • Create and manage JIT accounts on the go, so technicians can respond swiftly to changing requirements.
  • Get a transparent view into privileged access activities with automated auditing.

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