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Active Directory Password Syncing

All you need is one login and password, and it will automatically sync across Office 365, Active Directory, Local Accounts, and more. You’ll love the increased security, and your users will love the serious convenience.

Key Features

No Need for AD Connect

Avoid the hassle of setting up AD Connect at every customer location. You’ll experience no syncing time because passwords are pushed to all accounts instantly.

Happy End Users

When users update their password in one place, it’s instantly updated on all of their systems. No need to remember multiple passwords.

One Password Convenience

Update a password once, and it will automatically update in Office 365, Azure Active Directory, and Local Accounts.

Better Security for Your Customers

Instead of keeping track of multiple passwords for different accounts, simply use one password with biometric authentication to keep accounts secure.

Simple Setup

Set up multi-account password syncing in a snap. We’ll help you eliminate wait times and avoid user confusion in the rollout process.

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