Passwordless Just-in-Time Access for MSPs

Privileged Just-in-Time Accounts

Minimize your attack surfaces by limiting or eliminating persistent admin access across your endpoints.

Address Your Cyber Risk and Compliance Requirements

IT technician team leaders and service delivery managers face a rapidly growing attack surface, which includes the persistent administrator accounts most threat actors target today.

Cyber insurance providers (like Chubb, Beazley, and Axis) are increasingly asking administrators how they’re eliminating standing privileges. 

Compliance frameworks like CMMC require service providers and government contractors to use separate, named privileged accounts per user. 

Managed Service Providers need an easy way to control and limit access to privileged accounts, and audit activity per technician. 

Eliminate Credential Theft and Privilege Abuse

Replace persistent accounts and standing privileges with accounts that can be activated on-demanded, minimizing an attacker’s window of opportunity to use stolen credentials.

QGuard Pro’s Privileged Just-in-Time Accounts are secure by design. CyberQP Partners can automate the creation and decommissioning process, which disables the account, revokes its privileges, and automatically rotates its credentials. 

Key Outcomes

Achieve Zero Standing Privileges

Mitigate the risks posed by persistent or shared administrator accounts, including stolen credential, privilege abuse, and insider threats. 

Increase Visibility Into Privileged Access

Give your help desk managers complete visibility into the number of people and accounts with privileged access across your digital environments. Automated audit logging makes it easy to see what actions their technicians are taking. 

Align With Compliance & Cyber Insurance Requirements

CyberQP Partners can proactively align with privileged account naming standards and access robust Role-Based Access Controls to grant or restrict privileged access by technician tier. 

Centralize Privileged Access Management in One Platform

QGuard Pro also gives MSPs and help desks access to all of the security controls in the CyberQP Platform, which are purpose-built to discover and eliminate shared admin accounts with elevated permissions and make it easier to audit and secure the privileged accounts in their management. 

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