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Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Alerts Services for Privileged Accounts

Stay up-to-date on critical privileged account activities with prompt notifications. 

Eliminate Manual Privileged Account Monitoring

Manual monitoring of privileged account activities is time-consuming and error-prone, diverting valuable resources from strategic initiatives and core business operations.

CyberQP automates the monitoring of privileged account auditing events, reducing the burden of manual monitoring and ensuring timely detection of security threats and compliance issues.

Mitigate Insider Threats, Unauthorized Access, and Breach Risks

MSPs struggle to maintain visibility into critical events related to privileged accounts within client Active Directory environments, leading to blind spots in security monitoring and compliance efforts.

CyberQP enhances visibility into privileged account activities by automatically scanning client environments and providing detailed reports on new privileged account creations, deletions, and disabling events.

Key Outcomes

Account Change Alerts

Get alerts for any account changes, so you can proactively monitor accounts and any potential security risks.

New Privileged Accounts

Remain up-to-speed on any new privileged accounts created in domain, cloud, and workgroup environments, so you can ensure they’re in compliance.

Disabled & Deleted Accounts

See disabled and deleted privileged accounts, so you’re always in-the-know and can safeguard access to critical systems.

Password Resets

Proactively rotate passwords and monitor password resets, so you can say goodbye to weak passwords and hello to optimal security.


Gain full transparency into stale admin accounts with intuitive visualizations, so you can update outdated accounts.

Documentation, Logging & Auditing

With automatic logging and auditing, you’ll keep your passwords and documentation secure and in adherence with compliance standards.

Prevent Data Breaches

You’ll gain visibility into the logging and auditing of all privileged account events, so you can see user activity and guard against cyber attacks.

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