Secure Your Business with QVerify: Your Ultimate End User Identity Verification Solution

MSPs and SMBs constantly battle against sophisticated impersonation attempts, phishing, and vishing attacks. The introduction of social engineering tools has given cyber criminals an edge, enabling them to replicate a person’s voice seamlessly. QVerify is built specifically for MSPs with the advanced security and management features to handle clients at scale.

Why Help Desks Choose QVerify

Prevent Cyber Attacks:

QVerify provides proactive solutions to protect against modern social engineering techniques or impersonation attacks, safeguarding your help desk with native integrations into your current systems.

Security-Focused Partnership:

Partner with a SOC 2 Type 2 Certified cybersecurity company, committed to developing and supporting your business, even in the face of growing insider threats.

Maximize Time to Value:

With a solution that is easy to set up, QVerify allows your help desk technicians to offer a quick and seamless customer experience to end users, maximizing time to value.

Building Trust:

Begin laying the foundations to build a Zero Trust Help Desk and secure your business further with the CyberQP platform.

Our solution is engineered to empower MSPs and help desk technicians to confront digital threats head-on and ensure accurate, secure, and fast operations.

Features to Highlight

Co-Brandable Identity Verification App:

QVerify helps you go-to-market quickly and end users can easily verify their identities through our intuitive mobile app. Securely and quickly unlock accounts and reset passwords.

Zero Trust Help Desk

Zero trust is essential to true security. Anytime a user contacts the help desk or attempts to reset their password, they must verify their identity.

Increased Efficiency

It’s simple to verify identities in real-time using the mobile app, SMS, email, or a mobile device.




Credentials Protected


Identities Verified

“We brought it on because we needed help with end-user verification – when we learned about CyberQP, it was a no brainer.”

John Douglass, Pileus Technologies

“I can sleep better at night [because] everyone who calls for support has to identify themselves.”

Michael Goldstein, LAN Infotech