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CyberQP Launches QVerify To Empower MSP Help Desks Against Social Engineering Attacks

MARCH 25, 2024 – CyberQP, the leading provider of Privileged Access Management software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), has released QVerify, an end user identity verification solution that provides a key layer of protection for help desk technicians and end user identities. The new product enables MSPs to deter threat actors that may attempt to impersonate end users in order to gain unauthorized access to a business’ sensitive data. 

As threat actors continue to make headlines for launching social engineering attacks, help desk technicians need a security-focused solution to ensure that every person who files a ticket or calls into their help desk is who they claim to be. With QVerify, CyberQP partners can authenticate end user identities through multiple channels, including a biometric-supported mobile app, SMS, and email confirmations. 

“Our mission is to provide MSPs with tools that not only enhance their security posture but also increase efficiency,” said Mateo Barraza, CEO of CyberQP. “QVerify is designed to proactively address the rising tide of impersonation attacks and social engineering techniques utilized by cyber criminals. It’s a testament to our commitment to bolstering cybersecurity for small and medium businesses.”

QVerify also supports MSPs’ go-to-market motions by enabling MSPs to update the QVerify Identity Verification app with their own branding, and with a series of onboarding emails available in the CyberQP Partner Portal.

CyberQP’s newest product follows several product updates and releases to offer more robust controls to their Privileged Access Management platform, Just-in-Time Accounts, and agents. 

About CyberQP

CyberQP is the leading provider of Privileged Access Management and Help Desk Security Automation for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Its mission is to protect the privileged accounts, credentials, and data that matters to MSPs, enabling them to secure their business, reduce operational costs, and offer greater value to end users. Over 1,200 MSPs trust CyberQP to deliver the most comprehensive, intuitive, and useful PAM solutions available. To learn more about QVerify, MSPs can visit CyberQP.com or book time with a product specialist.