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May 20, 2020 New Feature Release

  • Product Releases

New Feature Release: Major Dashboard Update and Multi-Domain Controller Support

UI Improvements

  • Added icons for all menus for easier navigation
  • Standardized all screens
UI Improvements

End-User Accounts Dashboard

  • Combined the ‘New’ and ‘Active User’ tabs into a single screen for easier management of end-user accounts
  • Added new ‘CyberQP Status’ and ‘User Type’ to simplify sorting end-user accounts
  • Added ability to switch on the fly a self-serve end-user account from using the mobile or web app
  • Made all end-user account management features available without needing to use the self-serve app
End-User Account Dashboard

Admin Accounts Dashboard

  • Added the ‘Account Status’ field to see the password and account status of Administrator accounts
  • Added filter for ‘CyberQP Status’ to simplify sorting of Administrator accounts
Admin Accounts Dashboard

New Agents Menu Dashboard

  • Shows the list of all server agents installed and their status for a CyberQP customer
  • Added option to restart CyberQP windows service on server with agent installed
  • Added option to Force Agent Update
New Agents Menu Dashboard

Multi-Domain Controller Support

  • Added option to install server agent on more than one Active Directory server for redundancy
  • All agents will show in the Agents menu for a CyberQP customer

Server Agent Installer

  • Added code signing certificate to server agent installer to remove Microsoft smart screen installer warnings

Upcoming Features

  • Passphrases for password rotation
  • Windows service account passoword rotations