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Looking Back on Right of Boom 2024: How MSPs Lead the Charge in Securing the Future

From the Desk of Brian Milbier, VP of Information Security at CyberQP

As a security expert with almost six years of experience in the channel, I’m excited to see Right of Boom continue to grow and to see its community of security-minded MSPs continue to grow. 

When the CyberQP team and I touched down at Right of Boom 2024 this year, we were excited to catch up with our partners and forge new connections across the MSP community.

Presentation Highlights

Over the next three days, I personally enjoyed both the practitioner-focused sessions and leadership-focused presentations. I believe this combination helped MSPs get a complete, birds-eye view of the security landscape, and enabled them to have more approachable conversations about why security matters to their customers.

As MSPs face an exponentially growing number of emergent threat actors, they’ll need to ensure that they are briefing their customers on security risks in a way that is easy to consume to mature as a business. 

I believe that “Poppin’ Creds,” presented by Aaron Goldstein, the VP of Incident Response at Todyl, was a highlight of the event. The session did a great job of diving into how credential stuffing attacks and initial access brokers enables a cybercrime ecosystem with millions of dollars at stake; and I appreciated this viewpoint as a leader at an identity-focused security vendor. 

Connecting With the Community: How MSPs Accelerate Identity-Focused Security with CyberQP

We walked away from our sponsored dinner with a lot of great insights from our partners, on how they’re using our products to drive efficiency with our security platform. 

I was especially impressed to hear how our partners use QDesk’s PSA integrations to minimize security risks without sacrificing operational speed. With QDesk, MSPs no longer have to give Tier 1 technicians or less experienced staff remote access to servers and workstations to perform password resets or unlocks. MSPs using QDesk also deal with less operational risk since employees no longer need to log into customer servers to complete these tasks, and can perform resets and account unlocks from directly within their PSA.

Until We Meet Again | How CyberQP’s Privileged Access Management Can Help You Reduce Your Identity-Based Attack Surfaces

As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, I wanted to say hats off to Right of Boom for organizing a memorable conference, and thank you to our partners for some fantastic conversations about credential security. We can’t wait to see you next year, and we look forward to continuing to enable MSPs to discover and lock down their unseen risks with best-in-class privileged access management. If you’d like a consultation with one of our product specialists, you can contact us or book a demo today.