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Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Discover Privileged Accounts

It can be difficult for MSPs to discover admin and privileged accounts across their customer base, especially for fast-growing MSPs. That’s where we come in with smart technology and automation to make the process completely effortless.

Key Features

Automated Onboarding

We use our library of scripts to roll out CyberQP agents across your client base and discover privileged accounts based on pre-set criteria.

Active Directory & Domain Admins

Discover all domain admins across all servers in your customers’ networks, so you can audit accounts and ensure correct privileges.

Local Admins

Sometimes overlooked by organizations, we’ll discover all local administration accounts to help keep your systems secure and keep potential cyber attackers out. MSPs can have thousands of local “break-glass” accounts active across their customers. We make it easy to keep track of them.

Office 365 & Azure Active Directory

We will take care of updating, importing, and managing admin passwords for all your systems, including Office 365 and Azure AD through an easy enterprise app enrollment process.

Service Accounts

We will automatically discover service accounts, which sometimes harbor static passwords that can be targeted by cyber threats.

Automated Privileged Account Documentation

We will securely document passwords, account information, and assets in a centralized, protected location, making compliance a breeze. We can create records in MSP documentation tools like IT Glue and Hudu and update passwords and changes to existing records.

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