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Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Cyber Grade Vault

Take your security up a notch. It’s easier than ever to store, share, and access your passwords with appropriate permissions, while safeguarding against internal and external cyber threats.

Key Features

Secure Password Storage

Passwords should never live in spreadsheets or other unsecure locations. Keep your passwords guarded in a vault with the highest security.

Separate Passwords from IT Documentation

We separate the credentials from the guide to using them. Storing your passwords and accounts in the same system as your IT Documentation can be like leaving a house key under the mat.

Credential Injection

Inject passwords stored in the CyberQP Vault directly into ConnectWise Control sessions, so it’s easy for technicians to do their job efficiently and securely.

Technician Password Vault

Privileged passwords shouldn’t be stored in the same password vault as your technicians’ day-to-day accounts. Give technicians access to the passwords they need while adhering to compliance standards and protecting against potential hacks.

Storage, Sharing & Access

Never lose access to your passwords. It’s easy to store, share, and access passwords in a centralized location with critical protections in place.

Zero Standing Privilege

Reduce the risk of internal and external threats, abuse of permissions, and non-compliance with just in time access and zero standing privilege.

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