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5 Strategies CyberQP Implemented To Create An Explosive 300% Growth In Just One Year! 

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An article from IT Channel Insider June/July 2023

From its humble beginnings, CyberQP skyrocketed. Growing 300% in 2022, it’s on target to grow another 200% in 2023. Focused on MSPs serving the SMB and mid-market, CyberQP helps MSPs eliminate tickets and improve efficiency. Its expanded product line helps manage privileged accounts, meet compliance requirements, and guard against cyberattacks and ransomware. 

1. Product First. At the heart of CyberQP is its mission to create the best possible product for their market. CyberQP continually invests time and money in market research to find out what MSPs need and want. This research led it to discover that while privileged access management was well-served in the enterprise market, MSPs serving SMBs and mid-markets were underserved. “The threats that used to be exclusive on the upmarket have shifted down market over time,” Mateo said. “Now, they are the problem of the SMBs and mid-market, and that market finds itself without any tools exclusively built to defend itself.” 

Furthermore, large companies serving enterprises have no plans to create anything for MSPs serving SMBs and mid-markets. None of the existing enterprise tools integrate with the technology stack MSPs use every day. The tools, built over a decade ago, are not multitenant, nor are they a cloud-based design. “With onboarding fees roughly $20,000 before even paying for the service, the money proposition didn’t make sense for the big boys to come down and play in this market,” Mateo explained. “And that’s when our product, QGuard, was born.” 

2. Be Niche-Specific. CyberQP plays within a subset of Privilege Access Management (PAM) in what it calls “privilege identity management.” “We want to mimic a lot of the functionality that exists for the enterprises but adapt it for the MSPs that work with SMBs and mid-markets.” Mateo said.

3. Partner With Companies That Give You Good ROI. We want a good ROI investment like we get with TMT, definitely a contributor to our 300% growth. There is so much trust in the recommendations from one member to another member that it’s created exponential growth. It reduces the life cycle. It increases the trust because it’s not just us trying to sell how good we are, but it’s somebody who’s used the product and is part of the TMT community.” 

4. Go Where Your Ideal Customer Is. “Within TMT, we’ve found our ideal customer profile, which has created this network effect,” Mateo said. “The recommendations from the TMT Producers Club have been fantastic. Once we have a customer in a MTM accountability group, they refer others, allowing us to sign up even more customers.

5. Partner With Reputable Companies. and they aren’t just looking for someone to throw dollars at them. There’s a level of quality in the other vendors that we feel we fit into.” 

With two founders with a technical background and an exceptional team coupled with their product-first approach, CyberQP is leading the way in Privileged Identity Management for the MSP serving SMBs and mid-markets. “We always strive to build the best-in-class product for the IT folks who fight the good fight every day,” Mateo said. “It’s in our DNA, and the level of talent and enthusiasm with our team and co-contributors behind the scenes is like nothing I’ve ever seen. The opportunity is staggering.” 

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