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CyberQP LAPS vs. Microsoft LAPS (A Comparison)

  • QGuard

A local administrator password solution (LAPS) provides management of privileged local account passwords to ensure they are regularly rotated using random passwords. This helps MSPs and Enterprises secure their workstations from attacks, which often target privileged local accounts with the same username and password on all workstations.

Microsoft provides a LAPS solution, but it only works with AD joined workstations that are connected to the office network. This leaves remote workers at risk, whose machines may not always be connected to the office network or whose machines may be joined to Azure AD.

In contrast, CyberQP supports both domain joined and non-domain joined workstations. It works for all workstations no matter where they are located in an easy to use SaaS platform that does not require Active Directory.

Here is a look at how CyberQP’ LAPS tool compares to Microsoft LAPS.

That was just a brief look at LAPS with CyberQP. For more information, venture to our LAPS page.