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CyberQP QGuard vs. Microsoft Windows LAPS (A Comparison)

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A local administrator password solution (LAPS) provides management of privileged local account passwords to ensure they are regularly rotated using random passwords. This helps MSPs and Enterprises secure their workstations from attacks, which often target privileged local accounts with the same username and password on all workstations.

While Microsoft offers Windows LAPS to enable technicians to manage these local accounts on devices joined with Microsoft Entra ID or Windows Server Active Directory, the solution has failed to truly integrate with all three directory types, requiring a lot of manual policy management and context-switching to other Microsoft interfaces.

In contrast, CyberQP supports both domain joined and non-domain joined workstations. It works for all workstations no matter where they are located in an easy to use SaaS platform that does not require Active Directory.

Here is a look at how CyberQP’s LAPS tool compares to Microsoft LAPS.

CyberQPWindows LAPS
Supports Local, Active Directory, and Microsoft 365 AccountsYesLocal only
Works with all Privileged Accounts, regardless of directory source

Uses Microsoft Intune or manual policy deployment using the Registry or Local Computer Group PolicyNoYes
Use PassphrasesYesYes
Store passwords in web-accessible Technician Vault with Folders or Documentation ToolYesNo
Store password inside Active Directory or Microsoft Entra IDNoYes
Avoids using PowerShell for policy scriptingYesNo
Uses a single popup to manage a customer’s rotation settings
Automatically import local accounts based off of a specific local account name present on any system

YesFurther effort needed
Automatically import local accounts based off of local “Administrator” group membership

YesFurther effort needed
Barriers to configurationLowMedium/High

Ready to learn more about how you can import and manage privileged accounts across all Microsoft directory types in one dashboard? Learn more about QGuard Privileged Access Management, or book time with a product specialist today.