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October 7, 2020 New Feature Release

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October 7, 2020 New Feature Release:

CyberQP has another exciting feature update for early October. We have introduced new role-based security for logins to the CyberQP dashboard to simplify the process for creating new logins. Also, we have now added support for password policies from custom group policy objects in Active Directory.  

Feature Update Video Walk through

Login Management: New Role Based Security

  • Choose from one of four new predefined login roles including the Super, Manager, Engineer and Help desk.  
  • Switch any login from one role to another
  • Provide logins for your customers or co-managed IT staff to access their company accounts much easier.  
  • Security group functionality will be added in our next release of login management

Note: For more information visit our updated KB article for Login Management here  

Active Directory Password Policy: Support for custom group policies

  • Choose from any custom group policy instead of the default domain policy during the CyberQP server agent installation.  

Note: For more information on the updated agent install procedure with the KB article here.