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November 24, 2021: New Features Released

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New Feature Release

Our development team is hard at work on coming out with feature updates and this month is no exception. A number of new updates have been released for the Hudu integration. We are also excited to announce our new feature request option on the CyberQP dashboard that will direct you to our feature request site to add new feature requests, upvote/comment on existing feature requests and track progress. On the agent we are now bundling .NET framework with the agent installer to simplify the agent installation experience. Lastly, see the full details on all the updates in this blog article.

Improved Search

  • Improved searching in the End-User, Administrator and Service Accounts menus by adding support for searching by computer name
improved search

Login Management

  • Added ability to create bulk logins to the CyberQP dashboard in the Login Management screen.


Login management-upload CSV

Hudu Integration

  • Added support for Automatic Import of Active Directory, Office 365 and Local Accounts into the End-User and Administrator Accounts menus.
Automatic import for administrators
  • Added support for automated creation and matching of CyberQP accounts and Hudu password entries during the Automatic Import process.
automatic import options
  • Added support for auto matching CyberQP accounts and Hudu password entries in the Match Accounts screen.
Automatch for Hudu
  • Added link in Hudu details screen to Hudu parent object of matched password entries such as computer assets and people records. Clicking the link will bring take you directly to the screen of the record in Hudu.
Hudu entry details with parent
  • Added option to disconnect the Hudu API from the CyberQP integrations menu.
Option disconnect API
  • Added ability to remove manual match by clicking trash can icon in Hudu match customers screen.
delete match

Automatic Import

  • End-User Accounts: Hide list of default Active Directory security groups in the Automatic Import group selection screen to ensure accounts from privileged security groups are not used in the End-User Account menu. CyberQP rather advises to create a custom group to be used for the automatic import of end-user accounts. 
Automatic import

Feature Requests

  • Added link on CyberQP dashboard to access new feature request platform
Feature Request

CyberQP Dashboard

  • Added option to rename CyberQP customers in Customers screen on right hand menu
Rename customer
Rename customer modal
  • Added option for technicians to edit or remove mobile phone number and email address in End-User accounts menu.
Edit phone number and email

CyberQP Agent

  • Bundled installation of .NET Framework 4.7.2 with the agent installer for systems that do not have the required .NET framework version already installed. 

Updated agent scripted install included here