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November 10, 2020: New Feature Release

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CyberQP is excited to announce the release of highly anticipated features. The wait is now over for local account support for password rotation, customer identity verification via SMS, resetting passwords within IT Glue and increased flexibility for the self-serve app for end-users.

Local Account Support

  • Rotate local account passwords on AD joined member servers and windows 10 workstations
  • Rotate local account passwords on non-AD joined Windows servers and windows 10 workstations
  • Rotate on a set schedule or on-demand
  • Administrator and Service account password rotation supported

Customer Identity Verification

  • Added support for web app users with verification code sent via SMS and email

  • Re-designed interface including a 1-minute countdown timer for mobile app push notification responses

Detect password changes in IT Glue

    • Setup IT Glue workflow trigger to detect password changes and send webhook to CyberQP to reset passwords

    • Edit passwords in IT Glue to reset them in Active Directory, Office 365 or their associated Local Windows Account

    Improve end-user adoption

    • Access CyberQP Mobile or Web app without needing to choose

      • Less End-User Adoption Friction: Pre-onboard end-users by importing mobile phone numbers from Active Directory, Office 365 or entering on the dashboard

      Note: To find out more visit this KB article

      • Updated default country for mobile number registration to match country of CyberQP tenant