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July 8, 2021: New Feature Release

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New Feature Release

We are very excited to announce on-boarding automation is here.  You can now fully automate the on-onboarding of the self-serve password reset system with Active Directory and Office 365. Also, the ability to automate the on-boarding of privileged local accounts is here.

CyberQP made a substantial effort in this release to make the product more flexible and easier to deploy by improving the agent deployment process and supporting additional customer setup configurations. We are constantly analyzing customer feedback and incorporating them into all our feature updates.

Automation Updates

End-User Account on-boarding automation

  • Selection Criteria – Active Directory
• One or more OU’s
• One or more AD security groups
  • Selection Criteria – Office 365
• Only imports licensed mailbox accounts
  • Continuously monitor Active Directory and/or Office 365 for accounts that match selection criteria
  • Enable Password sync between Active Directory and Office 365
  • Sync with IT Glue password entries
  • Sync with Connectwise contacts
  • Send Welcome E-mails to End-Users

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End-user Automatic Import

Privileged Local Account on-boarding automation

  • Selection Criteria
• One or more templated local accounts
• Choose which agents to import templated local accounts from
      – AD joined Servers
       – AD joined Workstations
       – Workgroup Servers
       – Workgroup Workstations
  • Continuously monitor current and future agents for local accounts that match the selection criteria
  • Sync with IT Glue configurations as embedded passwords
  • Enable password rotation

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Local Administrator Accounts Automatic Import Screens

Agent Updates

  • Substantial performance improvements and bug-fixes
  • Install agents in any order without affecting customer functionality restrictions
  • Selecting GPO during Active Directory agent installation no longer required
  • Password policy now automatically detected

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Self-Serve Password Reset Updates

  • Removed all account restrictions on self-serve password reset within a single customer
  • Use self-serve with AD, O365 and/or Local accounts at the same time
  • Enable/Disable password sync between AD/O365 or Local/O365 on a per account basis
End-user accounts Screen

Identity Verification Updates

  • Browser notifications no longer required to receive end-user identity verification responses from the CyberQP mobile app
Identity Verification updates

Connectwise Manage Integration

  • Identity verification with CyberQP mobile app now fully supported within Connectwise Manage Desktop application
ConnectWise Integration Screen

IT Glue Integration

  • Improved local account matching logic with IT Glue configurations and embedded passwords
IT Glue updates

Coming Soon

  • Privileged Active Directory and Office 365 account on-boarding automation
  • Service and Scheduled Task account on-boarding automation for Active Directory and Local Accounts