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Introducing QVerify: Best-in-Class End User Identity Verification, Powered by CyberQP

Since the beginning, CyberQP has focused on helping Managed Service Providers and help desks secure their end users’ identities. Today, we’re excited to unveil QVerify, the next step in our journey to support MSP help desks as threat actors launch increasingly sophisticated social engineering and impersonation attacks.

Addressing Today’s Threat Landscape

Today, threat actors continue to make headlines for launching social engineering attacks to compromise enterprises and SMBs alike. To make matters worse, reports indicate that cyber criminals can successfully launch voice phishing attacks using generative AI to replicate known stakeholders’ voices.

That’s why help desk technicians need a security-focused solution to ensure that every person who files a ticket or calls into their help desk is who they claim to be.

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Secure. Verify. Accelerate.

That’s why we’ve built QVerify. Now, MSPs can authenticate end user identities through multiple channels, including a biometric-supported mobile app, SMS, and email confirmations. 

QVerify helps MSP help desks:

  • Secure Their Technicians: By giving them the tools to begin building a Zero Trust Help Desk, designed to give your team the tools they need to ensure any caller is who they claim to be.
  • Verify End User Identities With Ease: Help desk service managers can use QVerify to quickly deploy and start verifying end user identities quickly and consistently.
  • Accelerate Ticket Resolution: QVerify’s identity verification technology helps technicians provide a frictionless customer experience and counter social engineering attacks.

To see how, check out the following video demo:

Start Building Your Zero Trust Help Desk

We’re incredibly excited to meet our new QVerify Partners at this point in their cybersecurity journey – but this is just the beginning. We have our sights set on building a platform that proactively addresses identity-based threats from every angle, from impersonation attempts to attacks on the unseen privileged accounts that keep businesses online.

Most importantly, our partners have one dashboard and one security partner that’s laser-focused on helping MSPs consolidate their identity security in one platform that aligns with today’s best practices.

If you’re ready to see how CyberQP can support your help desk with identity verification (and beyond), book some time with a product specialist today.