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A Brief Look: CyberQP vs Microsoft 365 Self-Serve Password Reset

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Quickpass Self-Serve

Microsoft 365 Self-Serve

Resets Active Directory and Office 365 passwords check * Requires Microsoft 365 business premium or Azure AD Premium license for each end-user to support password writeback feature
Notifies end-user when Active Directory accounts are locked check x
IT Service providers can pre-enroll end-user mobile phone numbers for 2FA check * End-users must go to the Microsoft 365 web site and manually register their mobile phone number, personal recovery email, and/or Microsoft Authenticator 
Mobile and Web self-serve app available check * Only web self-serve app available
Verify end-users’s identities when they contact your help-desk with self-serve app check x
Intuitive and easy user interface so end-users don’t contact the IT help-desk when they can’t figure out the self-serve system check x