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[Demo] Self-Service Password Resets

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Eliminate up to 95% of password reset tickets by empowering end users to quickly, easily, and securely reset passwords. Update a password once and it syncs across Office 365, Active Directory, and local accounts. You’ll save your team’s valuable time and energy, resulting in huge cost savings.

For more details on how to On-board the Quickpass Self-Serve Web App please visit here.

[00:00:00] Welcome to CyberQP. Tickets, tickets, tickets. Why are there so many tickets? Wouldn’t

[00:00:10] you like to eliminate some of the pile of tickets in your service desk? What about a lot of them? CyberQP cleans your plate by offering a self service password solution for 

[00:00:20] Active Directory, Office 365, and local accounts. All from a simple mobile app, or through SMS and email messages. Identity verification can 

[00:00:30] be done through registered phone numbers, and the app also allows users to unlock their AD accounts if they get locked out. Once they’re set up, they never have to contact you

[00:00:40] again for password or lockout issues, giving you time back to spin all those other plates. That is CyberQP.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  1. Secure End Users: Protect what matters and guard against suspicious activity with multi-factor and biometric authentication for password resets.
  2. Easy Identity Verification: Go beyond multi-factor authentication with biometrics. Validate user identities through fingerprint or face recognition to protect accounts.
  3. Intuitive Mobile app: End users can easily verify their identities through our intuitive mobile app. Securely and quickly unlock accounts and reset passwords.
  4. Time & Cost Savings: With automated self-service password resets, your team is free to spend time on tasks that require more technical expertise.
  5. Convenient Password Syncing: Update a password once, and it will automatically update in Office 365, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Local Accounts, and more.

As a key feature of our Help Desk Security Automation Product, Q Desk, Self-Service Password Resets give MSPs and their end users the ability to eliminate password reset tickets from their technicians’ workflows. In the case a manual reset is required, Q Desk can be integrated with your PSA to reduce the manual password reset process down to 10 seconds.

Q Desk pairs this self-service password reset with laser-fast identity verification. Protecting your business from the rise in impersonation and phone spoofing attacks, partially due to the heightened accessibility to AI technology.

Give your clients an intuitive solution that gets them back online faster and eliminates costly password reset tickets from their technicians’ workflows, all of which can be achieved from a simple mobile app (or through SMS and email messages).

If you have questions or need support just head over to CyberQP Support and we’ll help you out.