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March 8, 2021: New Feature Release

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New Feature Release

At CyberQP we are constantly working on improving our product. In this release CyberQP is releasing its long awaited Password Vault allowing customers with or without IT Glue to use all features. Other exciting updates includes the first release of the Alerts menu that includes a daily summary email of password rotations and three privileged account auditing alerts for Active Directory. See below for full details of all feature updates.

New – CyberQP Password Vault

  • All CyberQP features now available with or without IT Glue.
  • Non IT Glue Customers
– Store and view passwords in CyberQP
– Rotate privileged and service account passwords
– Save End-User account passwords (Optional)
– Supports: Active Directory, Azure AD and Local Accounts
  • Coming Soon
– Never lose access to your passwords! Sync IT Glue passwords with CyberQP password vault
– Adding support for third party passwords

New – Alerts Menu

  • Password Rotation Daily Summary Email
  • Active Directory Privileged Account Auditing Email Alerts
– New privileged accounts
– Disabled privileged accounts
– Deleted privileged accounts
  • Coming Soon
– Password reset on Domain Controller
– Login Detected

Updated – Agent Support

  • Mix and match CyberQP customers with Active Directory joined and un-joined servers and workstations
  • Add Hyper-V hosts, Windows backup servers and/or Azure AD joined machines to CyberQP customers alongside Active Directory joined machines to provide better support for diverse IT environments

Updated – Local Accounts Self-Serve Password Reset

  • CyberQP password sync now available between Local Accounts and Office 365

  • View Local Accounts password policy from right hand menu

Updated – User Interface  (New Eye Candy)

  • Replaced select all menu links with new icons
  • Replaced text headings with new icons