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January 10, 2022: New Features Released

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New Feature Release  

For this January release update we are pleased to announce the release of increased flexibility for end-user identity verification. Identity verification can now be used for any contact in Connectwise Manage who has a mobile and/or email address even if they are not matched to a CyberQP account. In addition, on the CyberQP dashboard identity verification can be used with only a mobile phone number or email address rather than requiring both.  For the Connectwise integration we have improved the contact matching criteria to include First and Last Name matching if the email address does not match or is missing. In the self-serve system we now support French for end-user facing translations. Lastly, for Alerts we are now batching all privileged account auditing alerts into a single email that is sent once per hour if there is anything to report.  

Identity Verification 

  • Added a new feature that allows end-user identity verification to be used for a CyberQP account with only an email address or phone number rather than requiring both.  
  • Added a new feature that allows a technician to choose whether to send an identity verification code by Email or SMS rather than sending to both.  
Verify user identity on dashboard
identity verification modal

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  • Added a new feature that allows a technician to send an identity verification request to a ConnectWise Contact that is not linked to a CyberQP account by Email or SMS. 
No match found screen
verify identity connectwise

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ConnectWise Integration – Updated Contact Matching 

  • Updated matching logic for ConnectWise contacts to match by First and Last Name if there is no match by email address.  

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Match account-connectwise
connectwise contact


  • Added French language option for self-serve system. CyberQP self-serve is now available in English, Dutch and French.  
default lenguage as french


  • Added a new feature which combines New Privileged Account, Account Disabled and Account Deleted alerts into a single summary email that is sent once an hour if there are alerts from the previous hour rather than a separate email for every alert. This will prevent excessive alerts that can cause unwanted distractions. 
privileged accounnt auditing-summary

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