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CyberQP Releases Global Just-in-Time Account Visibility With Focus On Partner Experience

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This week, CyberQP is thrilled to announce that a new Global Just-in-Time (JIT) Accounts list is now available to all MSP partners!   

We’ve also completed 19 Quality of Life and feature enhancement updates, across nine releases in February, doubling down on our commitment to an enterprise-grade user experience for MSP technicians. 

This new enhancement to our Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform simplifies JIT account management for our MSP partners, giving service managers one place to view temporary privileged access across their customer base. 

In this update, we’ll provide a brief overview of what’s new with QGuard and the CyberQP platform. For full details, please refer to our Release Notes in the CyberQP Knowledge Base.

Enhance Visibility into Just-in-Time Accounts From Their Turnkey Dashboard 

CyberQP’s new Global Just-in-Time Accounts list provides unparalleled levels of visibility into the Just-in-Time accounts that your MSP’s technicians are creating and allows technician team leaders or service managers to take immediate action.

With a birds-eye view into JIT accounts across customers, MSPs can identify who has created JIT accounts in a tenant, and what level of access that technician’s account currently has. 

MSPs can also drill down into more specific data using our Customer and Login filters, which enable you to get customer-level and technician-level visibility respectively. On top of getting customer-specific insights, technician teams can also use these filters to enable or delete individual JIT accounts on-demand. 

Manage Just-in-Time Policies Without Resetting Privileged Accounts

We’re also laser-focused on improving our user experience for technicians and MSP administrators. Starting this month, CyberQP Partners can add or remove privileges and JIT account time limits on-demand within Active Directory, Microsoft 365/Entra ID, and local accounts without disabling and re-enabling your Just-in-Time accounts.

The Future of Privileged Access Management Is MSP-Focused 

These highlighted improvements are just the beginning. CyberQP remains committed to developing enterprise-grade Privileged Access Management controls and capabilities that align with our MSP partners’ workflows to enhance productivity and align with the latest security best practices. 

To get a complete view of all the updates we’ve made to improve our user experience, please visit the CyberQP Knowledge Base

Interested in seeing MSP-centric Privileged Access Management in action? MSPs can book a demo with one of our Product Specialists today.