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Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Privileged Account Management for MSPs

Empower your MSP’s technicians to manage and control who has access to privileged information and for how long, so you can protect privileged accounts and customer identities from potential threats.

Key Features

Just-In-Time Account Creation

Enable technicians to create accounts and passwords on demand to give users access to what they need for a specific period of time.

Privileged Account Discovery

Our library of scripts rolls out CyberQP agents across your client base to effortlessly discover privileged accounts.

Privileged Account Approval

Empower technicians to limit privileged access as much as possible, which helps eliminate potential security breaches.

Zero Standing Privilege

Keep your accounts safe by eliminating standing privileged access and utilizing just-in-time access to grant privileges for specified periods of time.

Privileged Access Management

Effectively manage privileged accounts and service accounts across environments, so you can protect access to admin accounts and keep customer identities secure.

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