Passwordless Just-in-Time Access for MSPs

Passwordless MFA for Technicians

Enhance your security by eliminating password interactions and adding multi-factor authentication. CyberQP helps you achieve Zero Standing Privileges and augment Just-in-Time (JIT) admin access across all directory types.

Enhance Client Confidence Against Emergent Threats

As attackers continue to target privileged accounts with weak or compromised credentials, MSPs face an increasingly hostile threat landscape, and potential losses in client trust.

80% of data breaches have a connection to compromised privileged credentials.

$3.31 Million USD is the average impact of a data breach, up 13.4% Year Over Year.

58% of reported breaches are targeted at small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).

CyberQP’s Passwordless MFA for Technicians empowers channel partners to implement proactive risk management, and reassure their clients that their data is protected against common attack vectors such as phishing and credential theft.

Align With Cybersecurity Best Practices and Compliance Standards

QGuard Pro’s Passwordless MFA for Techs is purpose-built to help MSPs and help desks proactively meet the standards set by security control and compliance frameworks.

  • Eliminate the risks associated with shared credentials.
  • Meet cyber insurance requirements that call for named privileged accounts per employee.
  • Align with the Principle of Least Privileges with temporary JIT access.
  • Establish accountability with clean audit-logs and robust administrative controls.

Streamline Technician Logins

  • Minimize potential credential exposure created by manual copy-pasting of privileged account credentials during support sessions.
  • Eliminate context-switching between documentation tools and third-party password managers.
  • Reduce the number of additional authentication steps a technician has to take, including additional authentication that a credential injection integration might require.

Key Outcomes

Achieve Zero Standing Privilege

Replace traditional login processes and copy-pasting credentials with a login experience that removes a major risk vector, and managed through time-bound Just-in-Time access.

Address Security Concerns

Deter credential stuffing attacks, privilege abuse, and the risk created by shared admin credentials with named Just-in-Time accounts, and a dedicated technician app to offer an efficient and secure MFA login solution for your team.

One Login for Every Environment

CyberQP’s Passwordless MFA helps technicians get privileged access with the same workflow across Active Directory, Microsoft 365, local accounts, and beyond.

Address Compliance Concerns with Ease

Make it easier to stay in compliance and adhere to cyber insurance requirements that require MFA for privileged accounts, including domain and system admins.

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