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How to Build Your MSP Marketing Strategy

May 30, 2024

1:00 pm



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There’s no question that Sales and Marketing tends to fall lower on your priority list when it comes to your day-to-day schedule. At CyberQP, we understand why that is. Being the true 911 for cybersecurity for small or medium sized businesses requires the majority of your attention, and whether you are a one man shop or a mature MSP, the focus still tends to fall on the deployment of services, onboarding of new services, and putting out fires for your customers.

This is why CyberQP, Augmentt, and Channel Program have joined forces to present to you, “How to Build Your MSP Marketing Strategy,” kicking off tomorrow at 1pm EST! We have structured a panel with decades of channel and MSP marketing experience to show you NO COST and LOW EFFORT tactics that will sky rocket your reach to your current customers. And when it comes to obtaining clients, you’ll no longer have to rely on referrals when we present on our ‘set it and forget it’ drip marketing campaign content.

Why You Should Join Us:


Walk away with a blueprint for success

When you sign up for our session, you’ll receive a co-branded social media pack to build brand awareness through social media.


Leveraging tools to empower your team

We’ll discuss multiple free tools and platforms that will make both technicians and newcomers into marketing experts.


Learn from MSP panelists

Join former MSP owners, who walk you through the ways that they were able to successfully become thought leaders in the channel.


Finding the strategy that works for you

The success of sales and marketing isn’t a one-size-fit-all solution. Join us to hear tips for large and smaller MSPs.

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