Can you work with other password managers?

Typically our partners prefer to separate their day-to-day password management from their privileged credentials. With that in mind, we do not integrate with end user password managers and encourage MSPs to store their customers’ privileged credentials in a secure, technician-only vault like CyberQP Password Manager.

Does CyberQP store my passwords?

If you are using the CyberQP Password manager we will store your passwords in our encrypted vault. If you are using a 3rd party integration like IT Glue or Hudu, we will never store your passwords. The password will be changed using CyberQP and directly updated in that system. It will not touch our servers.

Does CyberQP integrate with all PSAs?

We integrate with specific PSAs and guide our list based on the engineering roadmap and community voting. MSPs can still use CyberQP even if a specific integration is not built for your PSA. We often recommend MSPs using a PSA we do not integrate with to use SSO for their PSA and CyberQP for ease of switching between applications.

What RMMs do you work with?

We have pre-built scripts for popular RMMs like ConnectWise Automate and DattoRMM, but can work with any MSP RMM. We do not depend on the RMM to stay online, it is solely used to deploy agents, which can also be done using powershell.